Clinical Pilates

Reconnect with yourself.

Tune into your body.

Move with strength & Freedom.



How Can Clinical Pilates in Ringwood Help Me?

If you have attended a class of Pilates in Ringwood or elsewhere before, then you will already be aware of the benefits that a great session can have for strength and balance. However, if you are new to Pilates, the techniques may seem to be strange and removed from what you might expect from a physiotherapy clinic.

Our clinical Pilates classes in Ringwood offer the smallest classes in the area, allowing our practitioners with 19 years of experience the ability to help you through several movements designed to strengthen your body and help you move freely.

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Clinical Pilates strengthens your core muscles through the core itself, into the hips and buttocks, through the spine and into the shoulders. A better frame is a great base to work on, providing balance and postural retraining that is so important in improving your outcome as a client. Strength in the right places can not only improve your performance but also allow you to remain injury-free no matter your sport.

Pilates classes in Ringwood are suitable for those who suffer from neck, hip and back pain or rehabilitating from injury. Support for pre-and post-natal women through Pilates can improve pelvic floor and core control, while posture can be addressed to increase flexibility and muscle tone in our older clients. Focusing on core strength is something that can change the game of even the most elite athletes in order to improve athletic performance.

What Can I Expect from Freedom Sports Medicine Clinical Pilates in Ringwood?

When you take part in clinical Pilates in Ringwood at Freedom Sports Medicine, you will begin with an in-depth, detailed assessment to create your specialised program. With the support of a specialist physiotherapist, a goal-oriented and bespoke plan will be put together, using their extensive knowledge and training to help you reach your goals.

Through the program, you will get consistent monitoring of your progression, and reassessment when needed to change the plan to suit your needs at the time.

Each class has a maximum of three participants, so throughout you will receive close and personal attention so that the physiotherapist can help you make adjustments and get the most out of each session.

At Freedom Sports Medicine not only do we provide clinical Pilates in Ringwood by we also offer other services such as podiatrist in Ringwood.

By strengthening the core muscles, improving coordination and balance via our Ringwood clinical Pilates sessions or strength conditioning sessions; we can help correct your body mechanics and ensure muscular strength on both sides of your body for enhanced muscle control and improved performance.

Call Us to Get More Infomation About Clinical Pilates Classes in Ringwood

Contact Freedom Sports Medicine today for more information about how Pilates can change your life. If your looking for something similar we also provide physiotherapy treatments at Freedom Sports Medicine.

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The smallest class sizes in the outer suburbs.

Pilates focuses on improving strength, posture and flexibility.
Freedom Pilates, run only by physiotherapists, teaches you to better use your muscles in day-to-day activities and overall improve your posture. Pilates at Freedom provides a space for you to reconnect and plug into you.

What to expect in your program?

  • Detailed full body assessment to tailor your program
  • Our health & movement experts trained in Physiotherapy have extensive knowledge and training to assist you in reaching your goals
  • Goal-orientated and individual program specific to you
  • Continual monitoring of progression and reassessment performed throughout the program period.
  • Small classes, with a maximum of five participants for high levels of 1:1 interaction
  • Gain a deeper understanding and connection with how your body moves


Problems we solve

  • Neck, hip and back pain
  • Pre and post natal support
  • Reduced core control
  • Pelvic floor issues
  • Postural concerns
  • Women’s health
  • Athletic performance
  • Incontinence
  • Rehabilitation of injuries
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Improving muscle tone—particularly of abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks
  • Weight reduction through safe exercise regimes
  • Correction of body mechanics
  • Strengthening core muscles
  • Enhancing muscular control
  • Improving coordination and balance
  • Balancing muscular strength on both sides of your body