COVID-19 Update

At Freedom Sports Medicine, the health and safety of our patients and team is our number one priority.

We understand the importance of you continuing to lead a normal life.

To smash your goals. To be able to access your healthcare, without disruption.

Pain doesn’t take a holiday. It can increase with the current uncertainty and higher levels of stress and anxiety. We have you covered❤️.

The good news is that people attend our clinic because they are in pain, not because they are sick.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak we have taken swift & significant action. We have raised our already high hygiene, cleaning standards and systems to a new level.

At Freedom Sports Medicine we have developed an easy system of WAIT, WASH & WELCOME

#1 WAIT: We have a sign prior to entry on who can enter. If you are unwell, been exposed to anyone who is unwell, or been overseas you to head back home and rest up. A video consult will be organised instead.

#2 WASH: We have hand sanitiser that everyone must use on entry

#3 WELCOME: You are now ready to enter

Further examples of measures we have undertaken include:


  • Every team member has completed the Department of Health Infection Control training
  • Meticulous cleaning measures after every patient. Vira Clean spray with disposable cloths to wipe down common surfaces and handles after every use.
  • Hand sanitiser on entry for all as well as hand sanitiser in every treatment room.
  • Our building is detached/not shared and there is a low density of people at any given time
  • Careful consideration of our context. Our community come to see us for musculo-skeletal issues and sports injuries. Not because they are sick.
  • Video consultations as an alternative for patients who want to stay home

Everything is otherwise business as usual at Freedom Sports Medicine and we are open.

We love you guys and look forward to being a great source of comfort to you during this challenging time! ❤️ If you do have any questions or are looking for some advice we’d love to here from you, just simply get in touch.