We walk on average 128,000km in a lifetime – more than 3 times around the world! We expect our feet to go the distance with us, but unfortunately they cannot be replaced like a pair of shoes.

At FSM, we care for your feet as we understand they are an investment to your future.


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Whether its correcting a bunion or designing your orthotics our Podiatrists train for 4.5 years to masters level to provide you with expert advice of your lower limbs.

What to expect in your appointment

Your Podiatrist will listen to you in detail and focus on 3 key areas:

  • Results: My goals and why they matter?
  • Reality: What is wrong and what caused it? Personal impact.
  • Roadblocks: What is stopping me reaching my goals? Exact timelines and solution.

A step-by-step written treatment plan is provided to achieve your goals fast.

Treatment methods

Problems we solve

  • Sporting Injuries
  • Injury Prevention Strategies
  • Foot, Heel or Leg Pain e.g Plantar Fasciitis or fractured toes
  • Foot deformities e.g Bunions, Claw toes or flat feet
  • Children’s Feet e.g Severs or Club foot
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Nail Care e.g Ingrowing toe nails (including minor nail surgery)
  • Skin care e.g Corns, blisters or warts
  • Diabetes