Montrose Physiotherapy

Montrose Physiotherapy

A Sports Physiotherapist has conducted an additional 2 years university study to accurately assess, diagnose & manage sporting injuries, in addition to the undergraduate Physiotherapy degree. You can feel confident that your injury will be in experienced hands.

  • Exercise Based Treatment
  • Sporting Injuries
  • Biomechanical Assessment
  • Hands on Therapy
  • Post-Surgical Rehab
  • Dry Needling
  • Injury Prevention Strategies
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To get in touch with one of our staff members please call (03) 8838 2882 or email us using the contact form on the right. alternatively you can come visit us on site. We are located next to Maroondah hospital at Suite 2-3, 14 Manchester Road, Mooroolbark, 3138

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Professional, Efficient & Effective Physio In Montrose – Choose Freedom Sports Medicine.

While all physiotherapists treat patients to help them restore movement and function and reduce risk of injury in the future, at Freedom Sports Medicine your physio in Montrose will stop at nothing to find answers and the right treatment to help you live your active life without pain.

We consider the body as a whole, and take into account information about you as a person – what your goals are, how you can help achieve them, and how we can support you with appropriate treatments, exercises and knowledge. In our inclusive facilities, it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional athlete or a normal, everyday person – we are here to make sure that you can reach the goals you have, without pain.

The Sports Physiotherapy Near Montrose

The founder of our center of physiotherapy in Ringwood, Ross Kinsella, is a uniquely qualified physiotherapist that can create a specifically designed, bespoke program that not only helps you to recover from a sports injury, but also improves your performance. Through our ethos of Empower, Educate and Enhance, we will help you find ways to come back from an injury stronger and more powerful than before – whether you are a professional athlete or a gentle jogger.

Our Sports physiotherapy in Montrose offers several techniques that can help you recover, from Manual Therapy and Exercise Prescription, to treatments like Dry Needling (acupuncture needles targeting trigger points to loosen tight muscles), and Shockwave, which encourages a healing response and is great for tendons as an alternative to cortisone injections.

With our Strength and Conditioning program, we help you to build strength and power into your recovery so that you can remain injury-free and take your sporting performance to another level.

For the runners, we offer Running Assessments that help you run at your best, addressing posture and gait issues.

Clinical Pilates From Your Physiotherapist In Montrose

Here at Freedom Sports Medicine, we offer Clinical Pilates as a treatment option for our physiotherapy patients because as a guided exercise it is our preferred method for strengthening vital core muscles in the spine, hips, buttocks, and shoulder.

In our Clinical Pilates sessions, you will undertake guidance from a specialist physiotherapist in Montrose either 1:1 or in classes of 3 or less. Following a detailed initial assessment, you will receive a detailed, goal-orientated, individual program of exercises to strengthen and condition muscles, improve balance and proprioception, retrain core and pelvic floor, improve and restore posture as well as offer cardio training. Your physiotherapist will offer continual monitoring of progression and reassessment when needed, so you can continually improve.

Clinical Pilates is perfect for almost all patients because it is endlessly modifiable – specific exercises can be changed to suit your fitness, flexibility, and strength levels. It is also suitable for pregnant women, too! In fact, it can help with problems like:

  • Neck/hip/back pain
  • Posture
  • Reduced core control, pelvic floor control and incontinence
  • Rehab of injuries
  • Being overweight

For enhanced muscle control, better coordination, balance and strength, Clinical Pilates is the perfect exercise system, and that is why we can offer it as part of your personal treatment package when you choose a physio in Montrose at Freedom Sports Medicine.

Get in touch with us today to book your session with our team of expert physiotherapists and podiatrists in Montrose.

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