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Imagine what it would be like to feel free of pain or stiffness?

Or finally, achieve your peak performance you know you are capable of?

With over 40 years of combined experience, we’ve helped over 5000 patients live a more active and happy life.

Whether your goal is to pick up your grandchildren. Or run 100km.

We are an inclusive practice for all committed to transforming lives.

We whole-heartedly believe exercise is the best medicine for all conditions, leads to better mental health and empowers you towards long-term independence and well-being.

At Freedom Sports Medicine You can be Free.

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Physiotherapy Services in Ringwood

Recovery isn’t ‘one size fits all,’ and we recognise that. It is an individual journey that helps you to get back on track to achieving your visions and goals. Don’t let anything hold you back; contact Freedom Sports Medicine today.

Holistic Physiotherapy In Ringwood

Do you experience pain or stiffness, or suffer from a sporting injury? If so, Freedom Sports Medicine may be able to help you. We go beyond what other physiotherapists offer, by taking the time to find out the real cause of your problem. This holistic approach allows us to treat our patients in a way that is appropriate for them so that they can find a long term solution and get back to doing what they love.

Freedom Sports Medicine: Your Physio Center In Ringwood

Freedom Sports Medicine was founded by Ross Kinsella, a world champion Ironman. He has used exercise in his own life to overcome life challenges, improve his mental health, and empower his life. His personal experience combined with his qualifications makes him an APA titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning Professional who knows how to properly rehabilitate patients to the point where they can work on performance enhancement instead of just recovery.

At Freedom Sports Medicine every team member works hard to treat all of their patients holistically so that the real cause of their pain can be taken care of. We ensure that each diagnosis is accurate and made clear, and make sure to educate patients with exercise prescriptions so that they can become empowered on the journey to improvement.

Why Do I Need To Visit A Physiotherapist In Ringwood?

Many people believe that physiotherapy is something that is just for people who play professional sports or those who have an injury, but that isn’t the case. Our physiotherapy in Ringwood can help a range of different people with aches and pains caused by a variety of different reasons. It can even help those who have noticed that they can’t move as well as they used to. This is because physios learn, in detail, about how the human body works, so they can work out the real cause of the problem that is bothering you.

Once one of our expert physiotherapists in Ringwood has worked out the cause of the issue, they will be able to offer you treatment, including an exercise prescription. This will help to make a real difference in your life and give you the knowledge you need to ensure that the pain never comes back. 

Find A Physio Solution In Ringwood That Works For You Today

At Freedom Sports Medicine don’t give out band-aid treatments to our patients. Instead, we approach your problems holistically so that we can identify the true cause of your pain and come up with a solution that will work for specifically for you. Our podiatrist and myotherapist services in Ringwood are also available upon your need.

Book an appointment with a Freedom Sports Medicine physio in Ringwood today! We will educate, empower and enhance you so that you have the knowledge and ability to stay out of physiotherapy, live the life that you deserve, and reach all of your active goals and visions.

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We Empower You Through a 2 Step Process

We understand that your health and well-being is much much more than just physical. This is why we go beyond the traditional appointment – During your session you are provided with specific & personalised coaching to fast-track, advance and transform your results.

We tap into your psychology and connect with your WHY. We listen to your story in detail – digging deeper and further beyond the surface level of a standard consult. We understand your dreams, goals, desires, what motivates you and why a change needs to happen.


We educate you on a step-by-step evidence-based plan of ALL steps in your journey so you have total clarity of the direction you are moving in right from the get go.
You will know exactly how long your recovery will take, what every consult involves and how this links into your goals – Your progress is fast-tracked, you are in control of your success and you reconnect with life.

You are empowered with advanced exercise prescription led and overseen by our expert APA titled Exercise and Sports Physio Ross Kinsella, so every time you received a tailored program that meets your needs, your goals and your body.


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We educate you on the real reasons you are being held back. We deliver step-by-step education on what must happen to get you back to living your best life.

Sports Physiotherapy

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Myotherapy & Massage

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Strength and Conditioning

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Clinical Pilates

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GLA:D - Knee & Hips

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Problems We Solve

Sporting Injuries

At Freedom Sports Medicine, we love nothing more than to look after your healing and recovery from a variety of sporting injuries, so you can get back to your peak performance.

Our Sports Physiotherapists train for an additional 2 years to Master level and are recognised by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) as Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists. They are specifically trained to treat the true causes of your sporting injury.

They partner with you to provide a detailed and specific goal-based treatment plan that combines hands on with specific and deliberate exercise-prescription, so you get back to what you love FAST and smash your goals

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Lower back pain

We understand that lower back pain can have a huge impact on your ability to live your best life. Commonly back pain can come out of nowhere, leave us significantly restricted in our movement and function and as a consequence affect our work, sport, hobbies and personal life. At Freedom Sports Medicine we will address the true cause of your lower back pain and get the heart of the problem through a thorough and guided treatment plan.

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Neck Pain and headaches

Ongoing neck pain and headaches can commonly linger due to continued stress in our lives and keeping up with the modern-day world.  Tension and tightness, combined with poor postural habits such as a lot of screen time on laptops and smart phones can lead to these conditions causing significant frustration.

Often with neck pain, there is another link in the chain that is causing this issue. We stop at nothing to find the exact and true answers of what’s holding you back and give you the results you have been looking for.

We provide a detailed and specific treatment plan that combines hands on relief with specific and deliberate exercise prescription so that your neck pain is banished for good and you can get back to living the active and vibrant life you deserve.

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Shoulder Pain

The movement needed by our shoulders to be able to use our hands is incredible. In order to maintain the mobility in your shoulder, many muscles need to work together to create harmonious placement of the hand in day to day tasks. Imbalances in muscle strength, postural concerns and tightness can easily create a variety of shoulder concerns that can be addressed through a thorough assessment, a detailed diagnosis and an extension step by step treatment plan. At Freedom Sports Medicine we provide you with a clear and accurate diagnosis of your shoulder pain and provide a detailed and specific treatment plan that combines hands on relief with specific and deliberate exercise prescription so you are educated, empowered and enhanced towards real changes and real results.

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Knee and Hip arthritis

Knee and Hip arthritis can significantly reduce your ability to do daily tasks.
You can lead a better life and expect much much more.

The GLA:D program at Freedom Sports Medicine can significantly reduce your pain, increase your independence and improve the quality of your life.

This is an evidence-based and active program designed to educate and empower you towards real changes and real results.

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Pre and post – natal discomfort

It is such an exciting time for the whole family during pregnancy.  At Freedom Sports Medicine we specialise in providing expected mothers with advice, education and specific exercises designed to help your handle the stress placed on your body during and after pregnancy.

We have Clinical Pilates instructors, who are trained Physiotherapists with additional qualifications in Clinical Pilates and up to 19 years industry experience in this arena making them leaders within this field to support you through the journey of motherhood.

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Foot Pain and deformities

Ongoing foot pain does not need to be your normal anymore. At Freedom Sports Medicine we have the expertise to thoroughly assess, diagnose and treat a range of foot concerns to allow you to function with reduced pain and get back to what you love doing. Our Podiatrists are specialists in the lower limbs and will partner with you so that you have best outcome.

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Hip and Groin pain

If you are troubled by ongoing pain in your hip and groin a thorough and detailed assessment is needed to identify the true cause of the concern. At Freedom Sports Medicine we will listen to your story. We stop at nothing to find the exact and true answers of what’s holding you back with your hip pain and give you the results you have been looking for.

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Knee pain

The knee is the central link in our lower limb that can be exposed to either an acute or overuse injuries quite easily. Mobility issues and strength deficits above and below the knee can significantly contribute to concerns continuing to linger around and prevent you doing what you love. At Freedom Sports Medicine these will be identified through a detailed assessment and through the implementation of a thorough treatment plan to get you back to what you love fast.

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Ankle Pain

Acute and overuse injuries around the ankle need a thorough assessment to determine the exact cause of your problem. The dedicated practitioners at Freedom Sports Medicine will help guide you on the path to recovery through a guided and structured treatment plan aiming to restore your full function and get you back to what you love sooner rather than later.

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Children’s Aches and Pains

As parents we want the best for our children where they live an active and happy life. Many of the aches that children have during this time can be supported and identified through a thorough assessment. Through step-by-step education and targeted exercises at FSM we can help children with a range of growth-related concerns to keep them active and staying healthy.

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Toenail conditions

Many toenail concerns can be treated by our expert team of Podiatrists at Freedom Sports Medicine. Whether these are causing you pain, discomfort or they are simply annoying you due to their cosmetic appearance, we are here to help.

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Teenage athletic development

Are you looking for a more detailed approach to aid your child’s development in their sport? Commonly teenagers and children need to learn how hop, land and change direction as many sports do not cover this in their training process. Additionally, a Strength and Conditioning program is rarely considered. At Freedom Sports Medicine we specialise in providing an individualised approach to aid teenage athletic development.

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Performance enhancement with Sport

We are known for being the leading Sports Clinic in the Outer Eastern suburbs with Specialists who provide you with specific advice to reach your peak performance, smash your competitors and finally achieve the goals you know you are capable of.

Our Sports Physiotherapists train for an additional 2 years to Master level and are recognised by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) as Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists. They will partner with you to give you specific advice within your sport so you can perform at your best.

Improving your strength can be the key component to injury prevention and give you the x-factor that sets you apart from your competition. Our Specialist Physiotherapist is trained to Master level in Strength and Conditioning and recognised by the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) so that you achieve serious results and serious changes.

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Netball related injuries

We are accredited as Netball Australia Endorsed Provider. This program is designed to support Netball players specifically with knee injuries. Similar principles apply to other sports and a bespoke program can be designed.

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Maintenance of strength as we age

As we age the need to maintain our strength and muscle mass is essential to function independently and feel vibrant and energised. At Freedom Sports Medicine we assess your current capacity and provide you with a detailed program that incorporates into your routine. A strong body is achieved during a time of your life that you should be enjoying yourself and having the freedom to do so.

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