Running Assessments

Are you sick and tired of the constant running injury cycle?

This is all too common, where an injury can very easily move onto the next.

Or do you want your running form and mechanics looked at to improve your performance or to prevent injury?

In this detailed 90 minute running assessment, you will be provided with a thorough questionnaire that you fill out prior to the session, this will enable us to fully appreciate your running history, journey, past and present injury concerns and future goals and aspirations that you have.

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APA titled Sports Physiotherapist

This session is led by Ross Kinsella who is passionate about running and supporting others achieve their goals within this arena. Ross is a APA titled Sports Physiotherapist who draws on his own experience as an endurance athlete, where he qualified for the World Championship Hawaiian Ironman and has run a 2 hour 43 minute marathon!

So what is included in the 90-minute consultation?

  • a thorough one on one discussion with Ross Kinsella
  • a detailed analysis of your running mechanics
  • a screening of how you move to check for flexibility concerns
  • a strength screening to check for areas that need addressing
  • An individualised exercise program to correct the concerns found in the assessment
  • Individual running tips, advice and expert advice

These running assessments are designed to lead to real-world changes, they will give you clarity on what to focus on to prevent injury, overcome injury and enhance your performance.