Strength and Conditioning

At about age 30 — even if you’re active — humans begin losing muscle mass.

Strength is the foundation to our optimal health and wellbeing.

Freedom strength offers three unique programs designed to provide optimal health and wellbeing, education and performance enhancement. Ross Kinsella, our strength and conditioning coach has a Masters in Strength and Conditioning.

Perhaps you looking to get faster, stronger and perform at your best?

Or maybe you are passionate about your health and understand that strength is essential to optimum health and wellbeing?

Or do you want to maintain your muscle strength now you have the time to enjoy your retirement?

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Teenagers who strength train can run faster, jump higher and out perform in their pursuits.

Freedom Strength empowers our teenagers so they have confidence, are less likely to get injured and have a strong base for their lifestyle.

Adults & Athletes

Build the optimal strength in your body so you are stronger, fitter and have the optimum health.

Maybe you want to maximise performance in your sport? Strength is the game changing component that moves you from amateur to pro so you have the x-factor and out-perform every time. 


Muscle deterioration in both strength and mass as we age is far too common.
In this program, we prevent that from occurring by building your strength. This method has been shown to increase a patient’s capacity, raise their independence and prevent many disease and joint concerns such as arthritis.

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How Can Strength & Conditioning Training Help You?

If you have been thinking about taking your training to the next level, or you are looking at ways to quickly improve your health and wellbeing, our strength and conditioning coach can help.

With more than 40 years of combined experience, the team at Freedom Sports Medicine are ready to help you reach your goals. We want you to live a life that is not only free of pain and stiffness but one where you can become the athlete that you want to be whether that is a heavyweight competitor or a weekend warrior.

Alongside what you might consider traditional physiotherapy, you can find clinical Pilates, myotherapy, podiatry and strength and conditioning sessions right here in Ringwood.

You can also find that our team also provides physiotherapy in Mitcham and other areas, including physio in Heathmont.
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What Does Strength and Conditioning Training Entail?

Expertly led by our founder Ross Kinsella, strength & conditioning helps you to develop muscle strength and prevent bone brittleness for high-end rehab, education, and performance enhancement.

Ross is an APA Titled Sports and Exercise physiotherapist, doubly qualified in both Sports Physiotherapy and Strength and Conditioning. Alongside his education, he brings experience from his time in the Australian Defence Force, in elite sport, and teaching at La Trobe and James Cook University into the clinic offering our clients the opportunity to get advice, inspiration and training from someone who really knows what they are talking about.

Strength and conditioning training at Freedom Sports Medicine is a unique combination of education, empowerment, and exercise. In your sessions, you will be educated on the best way to maximise your results, with highly complex health, performance and wellbeing concepts distilled into simple strategies. You will be empowered to take control of your progress by following guidance and structured routines designed to be perfect for you and your situation. The exercises you will be given will depend on your current health and fitness, any injuries, or illnesses and where you want to bewith full regard given to any problem areas you might have.

Who is Strength & Conditioning Training For?

As we age, we begin to lose muscle mass so developing strength can help you become a better athlete and remain injury-free. In fact, from about the age of 30, strength development becomes even more important to prevent things like bone brittleness.

Strength and conditioning for Teenagers

We offer strength and conditioning training to people who are teenagers, to adults and athletes, and to the 50+ age groupbasically anybody who wants to see an improvement in their general strength or development.

Strength conditioning for teenagers help them develop quicker, run faster, and jump higherand outperform their peers while maintaining better mental health.

Strength and conditioning for Adults and Athletes

For adults and athletes, sports strength and conditioning can be a game-changer for both health and sports performance. Higher intensity strength training can give a better return on training, making you stronger, fitter, and taking your performance from amateur to pro.

Strength and conditioning for Older Adults

In the 50+ age category, regular strength conditioning training offer an opportunity to fight muscle deterioration through age, as well as preventing disease or joint concerns like arthritis. Through measured resistance training, increased capacity and independence can give our older clients the confidence to live their best lives, play with their grandchildren, and enjoy their retirement.

Get in Touch with Freedom Sports Medicine for Your Next Strength & Conditioning Classes

If you are ready to change your game, develop with us at Freedom Sports Medicine through our strength conditioning sessions.

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What to expect in your program?

  • A 90 minute initial consultation
  • 1:1 detailed discussion to identify and understand your goals, desires, dreams and ambitions. Identify what is holding you back and how you are going to move towards a better version of you.
  • A strength screening to assess your strength and areas that need specific addressing.
  • An individualised exercise program that aligns with your goals and correct the concerns found in the assessment.
  • Specific education and expert advice to fast-track your goals.
  • Led by a Strength & Conditioning leader. Ross Kinsella is recognised by the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA). He is an APA titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist who studied to Masters degree level in Strength & Conditioning. 
  • A 60 minute review every 6-8 weeks:
    -To assess and evaluate your progress to date.
    -To provide continual feedback, advice and coaching to keep you on track towards your goals. Progression/refinement in exercises and improvement strategies specific to your body.