Strength and Conditioning

At about age 30 — even if you’re active — humans begin losing muscle mass

Are you looking to get faster, stronger and better? To smash your competition out of the water?

Or maybe you want to stay out the physio and develop the strength to remain injury free?

Or do you want to maintain your muscle strength, prevent your bones from becoming brittle now you have the time to enjoy your retirement?

A new and exciting development for FSM, three unique programs have been designed to provide high-end rehabilitation, education and performance enhancement across different stages of life. Ross Kinsella has a Masters in Strength and Conditioning, and is now offering this service to his patients.

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Teenagers who strength train can run faster, jump higher and perform beyond their peers. At FSM we have a specific program to develop the strength in teenagers so they develop quicker, have better mental health and are less likely to get injured.


Performance enhancement with the aim of progressing to higher intensity strength training is achieved.
Form and technique is vital to nail before moving onto mobility improvement, training advice and strengthening exercises.


Muscle deterioration in both strength and mass as we age is far too common.
In this program, we prevent that from occurring by enhancing strength through resistance training. This method has been shown to increase a patient’s capacity, raise their independence and prevent many disease and joint concerns such as arthritis.

What to expect in your program?

A 90 minute initial consultation

1:1 detailed discussion to identify and understand your goals, desires, dreams and ambitions. Identify what is holding you back and how you are going to move towards a better version of you.

A strength screening to assess your strength and areas that need specific addressing.

An individualised exercise program that aligns with your goals and correct the concerns found in the assessment. Specific education and expert advice to smash your goals. Led by a Strength & Conditioning leader. Ross Kinsella is recognised by the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA). He is an APA titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist who studied to Masters degree level in Strength & Conditioning. 

A 60 minute review every 6-8 weeks:
To assess and evaluate your progress to date.
To provide continual feedback, advice and coaching to keep you on track towards your goals. Progression/refinement in exercises and improvement strategies specific to your body.