Montrose Podiatrist

Montrose Podiatrist

Podiatrist is a health care professional who is trained to assess, diagnose & manage conditions and problems of the foot, ankle and lower limb.The podiatry services we offer include:

  • Sporting Injuries
  • Nail & Skin Care
  • Diabetes
  • Bunions
  • Heel Pain
  • Children’s Feet
  • Orthotics
  • Biomechanical Assessments

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To get in touch with one of our staff members please call (03) 8838 2882 or email us using the contact form on the right. alternatively you can come visit us on site. We are located next to Maroondah hospital at Suite 2-3, 14 Manchester Road, Mooroolbark, 3138

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Do You Need A Podiatrist In Montrose?

Freedom Sports Medicine is a friendly, inclusive team of medical professionals that are ready to help you live your best life, without pain or inflammation. From physiotherapy to podiatry in Montrose and beyond, Freedom Sports Medicine will help you get back to the active life you love – whether you are looking to run a marathon, or just want to play with your grandchildren.

If you are suffering from problems in the lower limbs, ankle, or foot, then you might need to visit a podiatrist near Montrose. Podiatry can help with all sorts of painful problems and other issues – from bunions to a sprained ankle, Athletes Foot to orthotics. Our podiatrists train to Masters level (an extra 4.5 years) to be able to provide expert advice and treatment for your feet, ankles, and lower leg. Keeping your feet in the best shape possible allows you to enjoy your active lifestyle – we walk an average of 128,00km in our lifetime, which is more than 3 times around the world, and we can’t replace our feet like we can with shoes!

Freedom Sports Medicine is about so much more than just treating a problem, however. With over 60 years of combined experience, our team has helped more than 5,000 people just like you to overcome pain, inflammation, stiffness, and reduced range of motion throughout their body. From neck and back pain to injury rehabilitation, surgery recovery and performance enhancement, we take a holistic approach to understand you, your goals and your needs so that we can Educate, Empower and Enhance – even away from the treatment room.

How Can Podiatry In Montrose Help?

If you think about a podiatrist in Montrose, you might just think about bunions and corns, maybe ingrowing toenails. A good podiatrist is about so much more than treating symptoms, however. Our podiatrist team help people like you for all sorts of problems – using a combination of traditional, scientific, and technologically advanced treatment methods.

Problems we can help with include:

  • Sporting injuries – recovery, exercises, and injury prevention strategies
  • Foot/heel/leg pain – Plantar Fasciitis, broken toes, biomechanical issues
  • Foot deformities – claw toes, flat feet, bunions (including severs and club foot in children)
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Nail Care – thickened nails, ingrowing nails (including minor nail surgery)
  • Skin Care – corns, Athletes Foot, warts
  • Diabetes – assessments and risk management

Freedom Sports Medicine offer podiatry in Montrose and beyond with a difference, however. As part of our ethos, we make sure that all our patients are fully involved in every aspect of their care so that they can take ownership of their success – even outside the treatment room.

This is why we take the time to find out all we can about our patients, their problems, and the best way we can help solve them – so you can live your active life pain-free. We discover what results you need, and what your goals are. We look at the cause of your symptoms and understand what the impact is on you and your lifestyle. We then look at what is stopping you from achieving your goals, how we can help, how long it will take, and how you can help yourself. This process helps to ensure that you can make sustainable changes for life – so that you don’t have to return for more treatments.

Live Your Active Life Pain-Free With Podiatry In Montrose & Beyond.

Painful feet and ankles can be a real problem for people from all walks of life – whether professional athletes or not. With a range of treatments available from our team of podiatrist and physiotherapists in Montrose, we can work out a personalised plan, with step-by-step guidance, based on thorough, focused treatment in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our center of physiotherapy in Ringwood is based on Route 34, providing services to all of the other suburbs nearby.

Start your journey to being pain-free with podiatry in Montrose from Freedom Sports Medicine today.

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