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Running coaching is coming new to free2run.  So far since opening up the free2run business on the 1st of July this year I have conducted numerous assessments at Lifecare, Croydon Sports Medicine.  I am wrapped with the feedback that I am receiving and really enjoy spending quality 1 on 1 time with the runners/triathletes that I meet.

My aim is to get to the bottom of their training concerns, injuries and in some cases to improve those 1-5% tweaks that can really make the difference.  Runners are coming in to see me with a whole range of concerns ranging from the following:

  • Unsure of how to train for a specific event
  • Unsure of what weak areas they need to focus on with their strength work outside running
  • Unsure of how to minimise the risk of injuries reoccurring
  • Unsure of what links in the chain are leading to their ongoing injury concerns
  • Unsure of how to get over a certain chronic injury and what direction to take
  • Unsure of how to improve their running technique or form
  • Unsure of what factors to look at to improve their running
  • To gain direction in their running and focus on a certain event

I have big plans for the business over the coming years to gradually expand the scope of free2run.  As most of you are aware I work at Lifecare, Croydon Sports Medicine and seeing patients on a 1 to 1 basis is my main employment.  I hope that as the free2run business grows and word spreads that I can spend more time doing what I truly love and that is spending time with runners and their concerns.  So my thoughts have lead me down the pathway of heading into 1 on 1 coaching.  This for me is a natural progression from what I am already doing with free2run.  My philosophies with the running assessment will certainly continue to ring true for the coaching!

So….in line with this I decided recently to get some running coaching qualifications.  Now, this is something that I have been doing 1 on 1 with patients, informally, as part of my usual practice.  But… I wanted to make a more formal shift into this.  Now… I am not interested in running group sessions or the like.  I am interested in spending quality time with each individual.  Personally I know I work best when I can get my teeth into each individuals goals, ambitions, weaknesses and strengths.  That is where I know my expertise lies.

So I am pleased to announce that I will be open for business with 1 on 1 coaching as of the 29th of October.  By that time I would have attained a level 2 running coaching certificate from Athletics Victoria which gives me the accreditation I need to coach.

I updated the website on the weekend with the coaching details but I am happy to go through it again today.  My philosophy is similar to my running assessments in that I believe in quality 1 on 1 coaching.  I will have 2 packages available.  The first will involve the development of a training program without monitoring with the following attributes:

  • Either an online runner survey or initial phone call (30-45 minutes)
  • A specific and targeted 12-16 week training program.
  • A tailor-made program taking into account your personal time restraints, work, personal life, ambitions and running goals.
  • Incorporation of cross training, strength training and recovery as part of the program
  • This training program can be developed for anyone, regardless of your current running level
  • Initial contact without ongoing monitoring
  • Perfect for runners of all abilities and running ambitions
  • Perfect for all racing distances (5Km, 10Km, half marathon, marathon, ultra marathons)
  • Perfect for trail runners and triathletes, all distances

The second package will be a more detailed approached based around monitoring and regular contact by email or phone.  The details of the monitoring coaching will incorporate the points above with the addition of the following:

  • Weekly monitoring of your training by email or phone
  • Monitoring to include checking your weekly runs ideally, through Garmin Connect or similar (e.g Suunto)
  • Includes monitoring of heart rate, rate of perceived exertion, sleep, recovery, hydration and overall ensuring that the training is helping you achieve your running goals and minimising the risk of injury

This form of package would be perfect for an athlete/runner who is keen to take their game to the next level or achieve a goal with some clear direction.  For example, finally breaking  a 3hr marathon or going Sub 40 mins in a 10km.  I am happy to cater for a runner at any level so other dreams, goals or needs can easily be accommodated.  For people that want an even more personal touch and live around the Melbourne area, at an additional cost I am happy to meet you regularly 1 on 1, face to face over a coffee or tea to discuss how your training is going and if you are hitting the key targets that we set up for you.

I am really looking forward to helping people out with the coaching!  I have been a Sports Physiotherapist for 10 years now…. wow!  I am ready for some slight changes to my routine and my work….  I have the expertise, drive, enthusiasm and passion to help you on your journey!

So if you are interested in the coaching please email me at

Until next time!

Happy running!

Ross Kinsella



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