Clinical Pilates vs. Regular Pilates: What’s the Difference?

Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates is often recommended as a way to treat muscular pain, build strength, and promote movement during pregnancy. Oftentimes, if you are recovering from an injury or suffer from a painful chronic condition, your physio will recommend clinical pilates as part of a comprehensive treatment strategy.

People also practise pilates for other reasons. It’s a very popular form of low-impact exercise that combines the mindfulness of yoga with movements typically found in callisthenics or even ballet.

So, what’s the difference between clinical pilates at the type of class you might take at your local gym? Well, here at Freedom Sports Medicine, our physiotherapists often prescribe pilates to treat a number of different issues. What sets our classes apart from others is the level of care and attention we provide, alongside the level of qualification attained by your instructor.

All types of pilates have their benefits, but only clinical pilates can and should be used to treat muscular injury.

History of pilates

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates, a German man. Pilates had many occupations during his lifetime, including time spent working as a nurse during WWI. As a nurse, he worked closely with injured soldiers, helping them to regain muscular strength while they were still bedbound.

Following the war, Pilates emigrated to America and opened a gym studio. Here, he developed many of the techniques and movements associated with pilates today. His methods proved to be very popular, particularly amongst dancers who were rehabilitating from injury. Many of these dancers then opened their own pilates studios, spreading Pilate’s teachings far and wide. Today, this form of exercise is practised primarily in Western countries, particularly the U.S, Canada, and Australia.

Pilates approached movement using many of the principles associated with yoga, believing that the connection between mind, body, and breath was particularly important. While pilates is considered low-impact, it is still a proven method of improving body strength, balance, and flexibility.

What to expect from a clinical pilates class

As the name suggests, clinical pilates is a type of exercise that is prescribed by a medical professional. While regular pilates will involve you turning up to a class that is pitched at the same level for all participants, clinical pilates involves a highly structured program that is designed to target specific areas of concern.

What should you expect from a clinical pilates class at Freedom Sports Medicine? Well, to start with, we will conduct a detailed initial assessment to better understand your concerns and abilities. A specialist physiotherapist with extensive knowledge and experience will decide whether or not clinical pilates is appropriate for you.

If the answer is yes, a detailed, goal-oriented, and tailored plan will be drawn up. This is where clinical pilates differs from regular pilates. If you attend a regular pilates class hoping to alleviate symptoms of stiffness and pain without the guidance of a physiotherapist, you risk further exacerbating your condition or incurring further damage.

At Freedom Sports Medicine, we offer the smallest pilates class sizes in Ringwood. Our classes run at a maximum of three participants, or you have the option of working 1:1 with one of our highly trained physiotherapists. Either way, you will benefit from specialised attention and a high level of interaction.

We will provide continual monitoring of your progression and reassessment throughout the program period. Adjustments can be made at any stage if required.

Our clinical pilates classes have successfully treated a wide range of healthcare issues and concerns, including:

  • Neck, hip, and back pain
  • Pre and post natal support
  • Pelvic floor issues
  • Postural problems
  • Incontinence
  • Injury rehab
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Weight reduction
  • Enhanced coordination and balance.

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions, we encourage you to contact us at Freedom Sports Medicine today.

Freedom Sports Medicine — your partners in healthcare

Here at Freedom Sports Medicine, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality healthcare to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Our comprehensive service offerings means that we are your one-stop shop for all health concerns, from sporting injuries to postnatal care. Our friendly and experienced team is dedicated to providing high-quality, tailored care and we are passionate about helping everyone achieve their movement and exercise goals.

To learn more about our team and services, contact Freedom Sports Medicine today.

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