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We often visit a physiotherapist for treatment once injury has occurred. What many people don’t realise is that a physio’s skillset can be of use well before this point. Preventative health is a very important but often overlooked facet of healthcare, particularly for the elderly and those with chronic health conditions.

Injury prevention strategies are designed to mitigate risk. An injury prevention program will look different for every client, depending on their health history, age, and exercise goals. Freedom Sports Medicine is a leading provider of physiotherapy in Croydon. Our highly-qualified team of physiotherapists have helped people of all abilities and backgrounds reach their physical activity goals. For some, this might be running a marathon. For others, they might simply want to have the energy and mobility to keep up with their grandchildren.

Whatever your story, we can tailor an injury prevention program that will keep you operating at peak performance for longer.

Developing an injury prevention program

There are a number of factors that dictate what an injury prevention program looks like. Our years of experience have taught us that no two clients have the same background, concerns, or set of physical abilities. We strive to tailor personalised programs based on proven science that deliver real results.

In order to do this, the first step is to gather as much information as possible. This can include a client’s injury history, what types of exercise they usually engage in, and what their physical activity goals are. A physio might also ask broader questions about your general wellbeing and any pre-existing health concerns you might have, even if they don’t appear to directly relate to an injury.

Depending on the issue at hand, your physio may conduct a physical assessment. A physical assessment might include manual manipulation of the affected area or a more formal test, such as an x-ray or MRI.

The relative success of an injury prevention program often comes down to the depth of investigation at these early stages. After all, if you don’t fully understand what the problem is, it’s hard to fix it!

Common injury prevention strategies

Preventing injury usually comes about through a combination of improving your general fitness while implementing strategies that target particular problem areas. Generally speaking, the better your cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, and mobility are, the less likely you are to develop an injury, particularly in a non-contact context.

The root cause of injury is often over-exertion, particularly for those who engage in very repetitive activities of muscle movements. Running everyday, for example, is generally not recommended due to the ongoing pressure you will place on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips. Your injury prevention program might be structured around introducing more variety into your fitness routine or even a day off here and there. Sometimes less is more!

Injury can also come about due to poor technique. All physical activities involve some sort of technique, whether you’re swimming or throwing a ball. Improper technique will put additional pressure on our joints, muscles, and ligaments, which can often result in injury. A biomechanical assessment can reveal underlying technique issues that are putting undue strain on your body, and your physio can suggest ways to improve your technique that will help relieve painful symptoms.

Warming up and cooling down is very important, particularly when you’re engaging in high-intensity activities. Failure to properly prepare your muscles or allow them to recover can result in stiffness, tears, and strains. Your physio may help you structure a warm-up and cool-down program that targets problem areas and reduces the risk of injury occurring.

Finally, injuries are often caused by ill-fitting equipment or gear, particularly in the case of your feet. Having conducted a biomechanical assessment, your physio might recommend investing in a quality pair of shoes or orthotics as a method of injury prevention.

Freedom Sports Medicine — passionate, experienced, and professional

Here at Freedom Sports Medicine, we believe in providing holistic care. We understand that injuries are both painful and disruptive to athletes and non-athletes alike. While we can certainly treat strains, tears, broken bones, and more, our experience has taught us that there are strategies you can implement to avoid even getting to this point.

Our highly trained team of physiotherapists have experience treating all types of health concerns and developing tailored programs to help prevent future injuries. As a leading provider of physiotherapy in Croydon, we are passionate about improving the mobility, physical and mental wellbeing of our clients. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.

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